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Pro Art Gallery to Host photographic ‘‘VICTIMS OF WAR Exhibition in Dubai, UAE’

Posted Sun 23 Jun 2013 12:37:39 pm in News, Government | By News Desk

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Dubai, UAE, June 23rd 2013: Pro Art Gallery, the gallery that celebrates innovative an cutting edge art from the Arab world and beyond, will be hosting the non political and non governmental photographic project, VICTIMS OF WAR, at the Pro Art Gallery located at Palm Strip Shopping Mall on Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 1.

The exhibition, which will open at 7pm on June 25thth until July 15th 2013, will showcase selected photographic artworks by Australian TV News Anchor in the Middle East, Hermoine Macura, who has spent over a decade covering the Arab world both in front and behind the camera.

Some of the images captured document refugees and their tales of hardship, sorrow, torture and some persecution. She explains, “The brutal reality of the civil war in Syria continues to affect not only those trapped in the conflict but also the thousands of refugees now housed in makeshift camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. The Arab diaspora and the international community continue to watch in horror as crimes against humanity unfold every day….This was one of my hardest projects in the Middle East.”

According to the UNHCR, up to 5 million people have been displaced since the conflict began in Syria with a sharp increase in 2013 as former safe havens become affected by military operations.

The VICTIMS OF WAR exhibition aims to provide visitors with information and images that reflect the reality of what really happens to people caught in the conflict, while also raising awareness about the horrors of war.

Artist, Hermoine Macura explains why her work features mostly children and the elderly. “The most vulnerable groups in war zones and civil conflicts are women, the elderly and children – they often suffer the most.”

Tatiana Faure, Owner and Founder of Pro Art Gallery, adds “The exhibition will provide visitors a chance to discover who are the real VICTIMS OF WAR through the eyes of  TV Anchor and Photojournalist Hermoine Macura. Aiming to raise awareness on the humanitarian Crisis, all profits from this non-governmental and non-political exhibition will be donated to humanitarian organisations working on the ground with survivors and refugees.”

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